Features, Mentions, & Interviews

FROM THE HEART -A Journey of Love released on October 16, 2014 by Hope and Life Press Publications. Available on Amazon and with major Booksellers worldwide.  Features, Mentions and Interviews Featured in the January 1, 2016 Issue (#132) of the online magazine: Be a Bestseller Author Interview by VEMA (October 2015 edition, page 15 -featured … Continue reading Features, Mentions, & Interviews

Hadel’s Corner – Poetry 2009-2014

"FROM THE HEART A Journey of Love"  by Hope and Life Press  Publication Release on October 16, 2014 on Amazon Background photo of the famous 6th Century Mosaic Map inside St. George's Greek Orthodox Church in Madaba, Jordan where I was baptized.  Below images are of front and back cover of book.  SAMPLE POEMS ... UNCHANGING … Continue reading Hadel’s Corner – Poetry 2009-2014

Guest Post on Poetic Parfait …

Dear Fellow Bloggers and Poets, I want to personally thank, Christy Birmingham, welcoming me as a guest post on Poetic Parfait and it is a privilege. I wrote about the poetic form of Haiku and shared previous Haiku poems about the country of Jordan. Please take a glance and I hope you enjoy the post … Continue reading Guest Post on Poetic Parfait …

Featured in Video …

Happy to be included with my publisher's video as one of the authors so please view at this link, Hope and Life Press and thank you! Happy Reading and Warm Wishes, Hadel Hope and Life Press ... "WE PROUDLY PRESENT to you the very diverse range of authors and books (present / forthcoming) of Hope … Continue reading Featured in Video …

Monique El-Faizy, Author, Writer, and Journalist

Naturally, the human race gathers or conforms into a group in order to have a sense of belonging and to cling to what humanity has in common whether it's popular culture, traditional foods, customs, fashion, arts, faith or language. To keep this in mind, writers in particular, has the hardest job sharing or reporting on … Continue reading Monique El-Faizy, Author, Writer, and Journalist

Bumps On The Road

A trail of muddy rocks and withered leaves A route of uncertain lives and reprieves. A roadway of charred glass scattered in rows A veiled byway of screeching black crows. A rigid sandstone pathways to no end Craggy alleyways that cross and bend. Isolated misty highlands of soft green grass Mosaic Roman pavements lead to … Continue reading Bumps On The Road

Dr. Brian Kiczek, Catholic Teacher, Chiropractor and Writer

For oneself, I have learned in life to reach the highest peak, you must fall first to the lowest ground. This way, in order to triumph, whether personal, business or spiritual, you come through this in humbleness, gratitude and with great affection. Most of all, hardships or lack thereof, aids in attaining wisdom and patience … Continue reading Dr. Brian Kiczek, Catholic Teacher, Chiropractor and Writer