Thank You God

Thank you God For my eyes To witness the citrus sunrise and sunset every day. Thank you God For my ears To hear the morning birds whistle a musical harmony. Thank you God For my hands To hold the raindrops during a summer storm. Thank you God For my feet To stroll along the blue … Continue reading Thank You God


Two Tales of Love

A broken heart is easy Finding love is harder Might feel a bit crazy Joy seems much farther. A twist in an unlikely fairy tale Not a happily ever after Senses progress to a sharp nail Pound down a disaster. Lay down to a sluggish sleep Attempt to avoid another dream Waking up to a … Continue reading Two Tales of Love

A Splash of Deceit

Misled from a smile An uneasy remorse At life’s burdens and trials  Decisions without recourse.  A simple cagey nod and a “Hello” Shrouded by mutual faith Assurance flings from a sudden blow Chitchat utters a tall myth. A deep undisclosed voracity Restitution bestows boastfulness Aloofness displaces sanctity Reprisals through hands of tenderness. Written by Hadel … Continue reading A Splash of Deceit


Don’t leave now Sit back down Why drive into the night Wait until the morning light After the rain and storm you know You might see a rainbow Sing a happy tune with me Forget your anxiety Tap your feet on the wooden floor Old time songs touch the core Violins and harps in the … Continue reading Destiny

Gift of Giving

Be the light in the vast dusky forest Be the path on a swampy long trail Be the peace for the weary unrest Be the strength for the tired frail Be the hope for all who are lost and fallen Be the joy for all those who continue to grieve Be the heart for those … Continue reading Gift of Giving

Drizzles of Hope

Where are my flowers? White Lilly petals fall Over me and showers My raging soul Heavy rainfall Downpours Takes a heavy toll Internal wars Melancholy jazz Floods my senses Longing for pizazz Blocked by fences River of tears Subdued from time Divinity obliterates my fears Rapid skyward climb. Written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh ©Copyright 2018, … Continue reading Drizzles of Hope