Social Media Shared Freely

I think highly of the following description in regards to online media: (via Definitions from the Web) “Media that is created to be shared freely.” Media that is free is a new, but yet an old concept. When TV and Radio was first invented & used, it was broadcasted freely. Now, via the Internet we have a new assortment of media, Social Media.

However, what is the Internet: by definition, it is a global system of interconnected computer networks using the standard Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide.

Keeping this in mind, in today’s high-tech world and self-sufficiency, billions of users with high-speed Internet, easy to use editing applications, widgets, low cost computers, digital camera & video and free access to networking websites; online users are able to set up their own online media such as blogs, video Sharing, Photo sharing, link sharing or bookmarks and the list goes on.

Social Media is literally online media that allows the users to share in a worldwide community. Online users participate with an audience of common interests for instance, photography, political views, top selling books, favorite TV shows and movies.

Online media provides open communication and two-way conversations versus the radio and TV broadcasting that is only one-way, the audience. Chat rooms and forums gather users to discuss from technical issues to what was the score last night at the football match.

You know that old saying, “It’s a small world after all” well, Social Media makes our world even smaller by bringing forth a wealth of know-how from all the regions of the world into one area, our very own online community.

Another great aspect of Social Media, sharing knowledge through links and that may very well be people online, websites, and resources. These links may produce online accuracy and a source of databases not only for online users, also for all professionals as medical personnel’s, engineers, industrial manufacturers, the educational sectors and so on.

Last but not least, one of the great benefits of Social Media is achieving public relations and marketing goals for organizations of all types and sizes in order to reach their targeted audience. By means of live broadcasting, organizations enable a larger audience with wide spread coverage.

To put it briefly, Social Media is favorable by online users who just want to have fun by interacting with other like-minded users to organizations who aspire to expand and reach a broader customer base with a friendly personal touch.

Written and By Hadel S. Ma’ayeh

©Copyright 2010


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