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To reiterate, Social Media is free online media that allow online users with common interests & goals to interact with each other.

As a result, there are several online Social Media websites that provides social networking, video sharing, photo sharing, Music (audio) sharing, blogs, link sharing (social bookmarking), Dictionary / encyclopedia & presentation.

Although there is an abundant of effective websites to mention, in this commentary, the focus is on the main sites that offer the majority of your personal and business needs.

Social Networking: Global interaction of groups and friends list:

Facebook: A private social network site that interacts with friends & groups along with sharing of video, photo and daily comments.

Twitter: 140 characters (microblogging) or less of comments called “Tweets” and to send & read messages for & by followers (registration).

Linkedin: Intended specifically for the business community to gather professional & trustworthy contacts.

MySpace: Online community for friends to keep in touch or make new friends.


Video Sharing: Online users free to upload videos to share globally with friends or the public:

YouTube: Video sharing website that allow online users to upload videos freely and share globally.

Metacafe: “Specializes in short-form original entertainment” where by online users upload and share video clips.

imemories: Online users upload  old home movies & convert to digital masterpieces on DVD  (upload & share).


Photo Sharing: Online users upload and share photos whether privately or publicly:

Flickr: An image and video hosting website for the online community and bloggers.

Photobucket: An image, & video hosting, slideshow creation and photo sharing website. “A photography community that includes forums, reviews, and galleries for members and casual viewers.” (Via website)

Music (Audio) Sharing: Globally Sharing links or uploads of favorite tunes by the online community: Sharing music online for free with other like-minded members.

Pandora: Online users (only within the United States) may upload & customize their own Internet radio of old and new favorite tunes.

Blogs: An online journal (via text, audio, video and photo) shared with other online blogging members & publicly:

WordPress: Basically, an open source blog publishing website.

Blogger: A free blog publishing application by Google.

Link Sharing (Social Bookmarking): Allows online users to share their favorite online contents:

Delicious: For storing and sharing links plus discovering new content.

AddThis: A bookmarking service & sharing that is integrated with websites via web widgets.

Dictionary / Encyclopedia: Online informative content of dictionary and encyclopedia format:

Wikipedia: A public encyclopedia on subjects on the Internet and registered online users may freely edit content. “A website that presents aggregated content from other reference websites” via Definitions from the Web.

Encyclopedia Online encyclopedia from Encyclopedia Britannica that includes  articles, biographies, videos, images, and web sites.


Presentations: Online web based applications that allows for slide shows and webinar:

Slideshare: Largest online community sharing of  business media such as presentations, documents and pdfs.


Written and By Hadel S. Ma’ayeh

©Copyright 2010


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