Do you remember way back when, oh, let’s say, your grand-father’s time or even your father’s time when turning on the radio means “clicking” through the stations trying to find the right sound news or topic?

Move over radio, a new signal is in town, SPAM free and by RSS 2.0 feed, online community has their very own Podcast. Social Media erupted when choices of entertainment are possible for online users. This also entails the audio waves. Podcast differs from audioblogging and streaming, for the reason that Podcast offer the online community the option of what, where and when to listen via web (digital audio).

Now, online users be able to listen to their own style of music, talk shows, programs, topic of interest and all this, is possible by MP3 & iPod. You may well listen while working, driving in your car, working out at the gym or simply while on your PC.

Let’s be honest, radio is becoming old way of listening and the new tech savvy world knows what they want and that’s not hitting the scan on the radio while driving to find the right sound or topic. Podcast provides online listeners thousands of choices and without FCC or traditional format & regulations.

How did Podcast get its name?

The name comes from a combination of the following words: broadcast plus iPod, thus the Podcast. However, Apple did not invent the original coy.

How do I create my own Podcast?


Any user with the right tools and know-how plus the passion to share their topic of interest on Podcast such as astronomy, movies, music, sciences, talk shows, are capable of setting up their own Podcast. Technically, all you need is a computer, a mic and preferably high-speed Internet. Popular media outlets are also jumping on the Podcast bandwagon as major news outlets (MSNBC, ABC, CNN…).

Why is Podcast Popular?


Podcast has become the new listening enjoyment for a number of key reasons: flexibility & portability, Podcast is downloaded to your computer, burned onto a CD or may be moved over to an MP3 player as the iPod. Once more, an online user may pick and choose their topic or interest as well as musical style at anytime and listen to their choice of Podcast from anywhere.

Most Podcast are free and may subscribe to as many as you want. Online community has thousands of choices and with quality topics by Podcasters.

Podcast, as mentioned previously, is SPAM free, online users only receive Podcast that have been subscribed to unlike emails.

Which site offers the best Podcast?

For your listening pleasure, I recommend the following Podcast sites to explore and download:








Written and By Hadel S. Ma’ayeh

©Copyright 2010


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