Hadel’s Corner – Poetry 2009-2014

“FROM THE HEART A Journey of Love”

 by Hope and Life Press 

Publication Release on

October 16, 2014 on Amazon & with Major Booksellers

Background photo of the famous 6th Century Mosaic Map inside St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church in Madaba, Jordan where I was baptized. 

Below images are front and back cover of book:





The wind hurls among the Olive trees
Unchanging its path through the brittle leaves
Murky waters unsettled by the sands
And red lobsters do their usual dance
The lonely wind makes a wave
As it passes the hallowed cave
Untouched by time and
No sound or chime
The reddish sun hides in the distance
Like the unchanging wind without resistance.


Am tired of everything around me
Am tired of everyone beside me
Am truly tired.

Am tired of living in this world of hate
Am tired of giving too much into fate
Am frankly tired.

Am tired of dropping my face
Am tired of hiding my race
Am honestly tired.

Am tired of the world’s double standard
Am tired of children being battered
Am simply tired.

Am tired of dogma used as a weapon
Am tired of God’s holy name used in vain
Am just tired.


Written and By Hadel S. Ma’ayeh

©Copyright 2015-2017, All Rights Reserved

Please note for my followers and friends; I had to remove all my previous poems due to the contract with my publisher. I am allowed to publish two of them (as shown above) that were already posted on two blogger’s sites. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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