Gotta Find a Home:




8 August 2014

I waited behind the light post as several women were patted Goldie and talked to Chuck. When they left Chuck said, “Good morning, Dennis.”

“Good morning, Chuck.”

“I tell you I had some women going this morning with my jokes. I told one of them, ‘I got a hamster for my son… It was the best trade I ever made.’  She laughed at that.  Then I said, ”I childproofed my house… but the little buggers are still getting in.’ I got one for you too.  In Montreal harbor there was a container of Viagra stolen from one of the ships. The police made and announcement. ‘We have reason to suspect that this is the work of hardened criminals.’ “

“Yes,” Chuck,  “I’m sure they were. You mentioned a problem that you and your friends had at the Food Court in the mall. Did anything come…

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