Giant water snakes and crocodiles at Siem Reap’s Floating Villages


Janaline's world journey

Floating Villages of Siem ReapReady for our adventure on the river to the Floating Villages of Siem Reap

This is a trip that is definitely for the adventurous traveler! It started with a dusty tuk-tuk ride down a pot hole filled road to a long open boat on the Tonle Sap lake. One of the things that make Asia so unique and special are the floating villages and markets you find on most lakes and rivers. Each floating village is quite unique with its own character and atmosphere created by the people. 

The boats we were travelling in were very basic, the small pillow didn’t quite cushion the hard seat but who needed luxury when on an adventure. 

The Floating Villages of Siem ReapOn our way to the Floating Villages we passed some fisherman taking a midday nap

My mom and I were super excited about visiting the floating village on the lake as we have heard a lot about it and it was…

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