Mere yaar ki shaadi hai!!!

Regular Indian Girl!

My bestestestestestestest friend from childhood is getting married this weekend!! Yay!!!

Its the time for waxing, facials, threading, make-up, sarees, mehendi, dancing, nostalgia, more memories and awesome food!!


Presenting a sneak peak into the mehendi!! Less design owing to a drive back home on my moped!!

When my friends get married, nostalgia invariably has to wash over me! And today, I am remembering a lot:

two chotis; a makeshift punjabi dress out of frock, leggings and mums duppatta and bharatnatyam classes;

silly gossip aka whose mum is more dangerous when you don’t study (mind you, we were cheering our own moms to top the danger list!);

a secret group of 5 people with identification badges, agreement (yes sir, this CA was into agreements way before I became a CA!), recorded meetings, a treasury box; friendship bands; plank-chit (bhoot-bulao-karyakram); 

latest gossip sent across saat-samundar (7 seasafter she…

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