Photographer Bruce Weber Turns Designer?

A Stairway To Fashion

Bruce Weber Introduces Shinola – Dog’s Favourite Accessories Line Bruce Weber for Shinola Ad

The dogs are just as spoiled as the super models or the big stars at Hollywood, and ‘guilty’ of this royal treatment is Shinola Pet Accessories, who brought a mega fashion photographer to shoot their next advertising campaign, Bruce Weber. The choice is not random, because Weber is well-known for his love for animals, and his portfolio is full of pictures of his pets next to those of super models. His lovely golden retriever is the main character of a documentary, entitled ” A Letter to True “, released by Bruce back in 2004. Bruce Weber

The collection is a line of American-made pet accessories – including leashes, collars, beds, and toys, as well as postcards and notebooks featuring Weber’s work – that were designed and developed together with Bruce Weber, available online and in Shinola stores…

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