Here’s a Giant Corn Maze in the Shape of Derek Jeter’s Face


How do you pay tribute to a ball player like Derek Jeter? Um, obviously you build a giant corn maze in his likeness.

Yup. VonThun Farms in central New Jersey has created a five-acre maze dedicated to the retiring Yankees star. It features his face, of course, along with the words “Thanks Captain Clutch” and his jersey number. The maze boasts “four miles of twists, turns, and fun interactive family activities.”

“We are right in the middle of Yankees territory,” owner Cindy VonThun tells “No matter which way you turn, everybody just loves Derek Jeter. He’s just the all-around good guy.”

It’s probably a bit of a stretch to say that EVERYBODY loves Jeter (remember: some Phillies fans live in central Jersey) but sure.

The maze will be open to the public from Sept. 20 through the end of October. No word if Mr. November himself has plans to…

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