It’s all about love

Chris Martin Writes

Over two thousand years ago, a man walked the earth. He challenged the religious leaders of the era. He radically influenced people by the thousands. He was human, yet infilled with a presence, a spirit, not of this world. He was the visible image of an invisible God. He was immortal love clothed with a physical body born from dust. The same rugged hands of a carpenter healed the blind and the lame.

Jesus lived a life of true Christianity. Paul knew it, and followed in those same steps. Throughout the ages, people have embraced the truth of the Gospel, and then put it into action. It’s all about love.

The first step is dying. We were born into this world with one thing hammered into our being. Self. From the moment Adam and Eve ate the fruit, humanity fell. Man took on the very nature of the enemy. Self-conscious…

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