Former M-GO boss John Batter joins Gracenote as CEO


Media metadata specialist Gracenote has a new CEO: Gracenote, which became a subsidiary of Tribune Media just a few months ago, announced Tuesday that John Batter will be leading the charge starting immediately. Batter joins Gracenote from online video retailer M-Go, which happens to be one of Gracenote’s customers.

In an interview a few days ago, Batter told me that he learned about the importance of metadata while being the CEO of [company]M-Go[/company], the video service that launched by [company]Dreamworks[/company] and [company]Technicolor[/company] in 2013. And while at M-Go, he also learned another lesson: “You need to focus to be great,” Batter said during our interview.

M-Go initially had what Batter called “a grand plan,” which involved eventually offering cloud storage lockers for personal media as well as an internet-based live TV service, similar to what Dish and Sony plan to launch to compete with traditional cable TV. But eventually…

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