New .hiv domain aims to raise funds for HIV and AIDS organizations


A Berlin-based charity called dotHIV has launched the .hiv global top-level domain (gTLD) as a way of raising funds for HIV and AIDS organizations.

The idea is that businesses and non-profits can buy a .hiv address from registrars like [company]GoDaddy[/company], and each time someone visits it dotHIV will make a microdonation of 0.1c – the outfit is suggesting that brands might like to have a .hiv address that forwards to their standard .com address. The .hiv addresses cost from $17 a month and the first receiving charities are in the U.S., South Africa, Turkey and Rwanda.

Companies that have already registered .hiv addresses include [company]Amazon[/company], [company]LinkedIn[/company], [company]Samsung[/company], [company]BMW[/company], [company]Instagram[/company] and [company]Tumblr[/company], as well as the German online retailer

“This is not simply the right thing to do, it is a good investment as the money flows to projects that provide access to HIV medicaments. .hiv addresses save lives,”…

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