Squirrel Antics in Cape Town

Janaline's world journey

Squirrel Antics in Cape TownWhat are you doing up there?

I just love squirrels they are these crazy little creatures that are always buzzing around with way too much energy.

SquirrelApproaching me very cautiously

SquirrelStaring contest

They are super inquisitive little creatures and here in Cape Town they have taken over the Company’s Gardens. This garden is perhaps the Central City’s most favourite outdoor space and certainly feels like our very own mini “Central Park”. On weekends the park is filled with people picnicking and feeding the little squirrels that fill the place. It is perfect for sunny days in Cape Town when you need a break from the city itself.  The squirrels are by now so used to people feeding them that they expect it and look so confused when you don’t offer them anything.


I learned this the hard way and had to walk all the way back to the entrance…

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