A special blog I am posting today. I was rudely accused by a WordPress member as being suspicious. Why? I don’t know, because I reblog news and other people’s blogs that either touched my heart or I find interesting or just loved because videos of animals. I did not know it was a “Crime” to share other people’s blogs. I saw a reblog button like retweet on twitter and I innocently shared. If this offends anyone then I am sorry. I am new on wordpress and learning how to use it. I will have a blog about my grandmother and I will post the blog on Tuesday the 9th of September, 2014.

I would love help and critiques but please do not judge me or point fingers. I am not a suspicious person or a spam or selling anything. I enjoy social media, meeting new people and sharing. That is not a crime. I have not seriously worked on wordpress since 2010.

Yes, I am a new author, I do have a new book (poetry coming in autumn) and I do have a publisher … a very good one. I erased my poems due to the contract with my publisher.

So please do not slander my name … as someone has on wordpress. It shocked and hurt me…. I did not realize I was offending or hurting anyone. So if I have I apologize and I am learning to use wordpress so helping me would be nice and not judgment.

Thank you and #PEACE,


Ps: If I am following your wonderful blogs and you do not wish me to reblog your works, I understand and please let me know. I will respect your decision not to. Best, Hadel

Written and By Hadel S. Ma’ayeh

©Copyright 2014

Sadly, I received this on my Facebook Email from this wordpress person: Now threatening me and harassment … This person is full of jealousy and is vindictive. I am sharing the message I received. I apologize for being me and “reblogging” the posts I enjoy:

“You are an author of book or poem on love? What you are is a WordPress reblogger, who writes NOTHING of your own and reblogs everyone else’s intellectual property without adhering to their content disclaimers, if any (as I have). I have just informed over 50 WordPress members about you and intend on spreading the word even more – and have given out your twitter and FB accounts, which you yourself listed on WordPress – and we will be watching you. Should you EVER attempt to use mine, or anyone else’s intellectual property (writing of any kind) – claiming it as your own, or claiming that you had permission to use it – you will be held legally accountable and sued. I have a content discloser on my blog and you DID NOT adhere to it, therefore you did NOT have my consent to reblog any of my posts. For someone who claims to be an author – I find it extremely suspicious that the ONLY contend found on your WordPress site are reblogs of other authors, myself included. You’re about to be watched by many, many authors, people and members now – on WP, FB and Twitter – something is very suspicious about your claims of being an author – who doesn’t write or post their own work, but reblogs countless daily posts/writings of others.”



7 thoughts on “DEAR ALL

  1. Don’t let this bother you too much, there are some who will take offense at anything. If you’re not sure if someone will be offended by being reblogged, then ask permission first, most are happy to see their work shared. If they refuse, then you’ve lost nothing.

    Kira Moore

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  2. Hi Hadel

    I can only speak for the blog I run with my wife: we were flattered, that you re-blogged our content, even as it was not in English, but in German. If you like any of our future postings (or any of the older ones), please feel free to reblog them.


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    • Thank you very much, very kind to let me know. I comprehend German so I enjoyed the blogs. I decided to share to whoever might understand the language too. I will make a note and reblog in the future. Thank you, Hadel


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