Ah, appreciation, what a word, ever thought of the meaning of the word? I have and this is what I believe it means, well to me: appreciating the qualities in life. Yes, simple as that, since this is true in my perspective of the world.

For instance, jump for joy, because it’s Saturday morning and the thought of having a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee brings sizzling sensations to the mind. Or sitting at the laptop and typing today’s blog like I am doing right now that is also appreciation.

Let’s take it a step further; appreciation could be the “things” you love in life. Your partner/spouse, children, pets, home, career, country, peace of mind, health, dance and I could keep typing on forever. So we hope everyone sees the wonderful beauty around them and appreciates it. As a cliché and reminder, one must “stop and smell the roses” and we often forget to do that.

Now, we have to step outside for a bit and gaze at the world around us. What do you see? Go ahead, step outside and tell me what you see? I am here waiting for your response.

If you can’t see what the world around you has to offer then you are not digging deep enough.

I will share my world and what I see. Are you ready?

A Syrian child in a refugee camp in Jordan is playing soccer with siblings and friends.

A mother fighting breast cancer is tremendously happy to wake up and has the strength to hug and kiss her family.

A boy in Africa has a wide smile on his face when he takes his first gulp of clean tap water.

Families in Gaza and Israel step outside to inhale the fresh air and no rockets today striking down on them.

A girl in Afghanistan is delighted when for the very first time received her school books the day before and hopefully, safely walks to school.

An abandoned and abused white German shepherd Collie is adopted by a loving family. Wow, look at that tail wag swiftly.

An American war veteran has tears of joy when receiving the prosthetic legs and heroically walks over to his wife to hug her.

An Egyptian family freely walks to their local burned down Coptic Church for the Sunday service.

A baby cries as he is held in the arms of the loving adopted family.

Help families rebuild their homes after hurricane sandy and watch their face glow with thankful tears.

A young girl in India is grateful to have a face again after an acid attack.

Yes, I could keep typing of my world and what I appreciate in life, but why bore you. Do yourself a favor today and step outside, breathe in the fresh air (I hope) and tell yourself what you appreciate. Maybe leave me a message and share. 





 I Appreciate These Wonderful Organizations (To name a few)

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Written and By Hadel S. Ma’ayeh

©Copyright 2014



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