Anyone who is closes to me or interacts with me online such as knows I am a true Sci Fi fan and geek.

Yes, I am blogging about this and I am making a true confession. I love the look on people’s faces or in comments when they are surprised I enjoy listening to hard rock music and I am a Sci Fi geek fan. It is a look of surprise and shock mixed into one. I constantly hear or read “You, really? You don’t look like that type?” OK, what that means, I honestly don’t know. What does a Sci Fi geek look like? Anyway, to continue, although I am partial to watching Sci Fi movies and shows, I never went to Sci Fi conventions. I am not sure why and I never had the desire to attend these conventions. I enjoy most Sci Fi characters but flying over or driving to purchase their picture and autograph or a picture with them never rattled my bones. Plus dressing up in their favorite Sci Fi character takes a true brave heart and I am not this person. Hey, I am being honest with myself.

Since childhood, Sci Fi shows and movies have taken me to faraway places beyond the scope of our reality and realm; Sci FI keyed up my creative mind. Plus the endless possibilities of the inventions; for example, “Star Trek” gadgets have come to life! Now we are living the age of “Star Trek” except for the hair and clothing styles. Can I say “Thank God!”

I am keen on the concept of a TARDIS that is enormously huge in the inside, on the other hand, a simple (British) blue telephone police box from the outside (a suitably chic disguise). Wait, there is more, the TARDIS can travel through space and time. To understand my Sci Fi geeky mind, you must know that I am an avid reader about parallel universes, Nanotechnology and time travel in the true science form. I get this trait from my scientific genius brother, Joe. Who by the way, if you ever watched the TV series “Stargate Atlantis” bro Joe is the true character of “Dr. Rodney McKay;” no matter how obnoxious and arrogant the character of “Dr. McKay” is, he still grows on you. You start to see the tender and good side too of the character as well as the scientific genius side of “Dr. McKay.” However, on “Stargate 1” or “SG1,” I could not tolerate his sexist and egocentric mouth.

Please also note, my bro Joe is humble and sincere person a total opposite of the character “Dr. Rodney McKay.”

Back to the TARDIS, I love the character of a genius Doctor, ( hence the TV show title “Dr. Who”) from another planet or universe or galaxy which ever. By the way, the Doctor, is capable of living a very long life (he is over 700 years old) through 12 regeneration process, as an audience, we come to find out, his regeneration is linked to the TARDIS ( a long story and I won’t bore you with it).

Not only do the character stars of the Sc Fi shows (or movies) appeal to your good nature, in contrast, the enemies I have grown to honestly be devoted to. My all time TV favorite Sci Fi enemy is from the ever appealing “Stargate Atlantis” an enemy, called “Wraith” (a species); the “Wraith” is both alien bug with human DNA that suck the life out of a human through their right hand. Yes, you guessed right, a Sci Fi vampire character. The lead character “John Shepherd” reluctantly named one of the “Wraiths” as “Todd;” I am fond of the episodes with the reoccurring character, “Todd.” “Todd” although is an enemy, he has worked alongside with the crew of “Stargate Atlantis” on a number of occasions that seem to continuously have bad repercussions for the crew of Atlantis. I wonder why (a sly remark here).

Not to ramble on, because sincerely I could type about this forever. So I leave you with my usual slideshow of my favorite Sci Fi shows and movies. Maybe I will get you to watch them too and you will also be hooked on Sci Fi. If so, don’t blame me if you mysteriously turn into a Sci Fi geek too.

Another point, I consider and include supernatural occult type shows & movies as “Sci Fi” by my definition.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are just some of my favorites. The slideshow would run on forever if I added all my favorite Sci Fi shows and movies. 

Ps: I also do not like to watch romance movies and shows. I rather see Sci Fi and or action movies or shows. I am the perfect date. Cheers!

A tribute to Gene Roddenberry August 19, 1921 – October 24, 1991

 Images borrowed from Google Images. Thank you.
Written and by Hadel S. Ma'ayeh ©Copyright 2014






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