Past Vs. The Present

Kira Moore's Closet

Some times I am my own worst enemy… check that, Most of the time I am my own worst enemy.

There are many things I could write about regarding my journey to this point and many of them would be seen as thoughts and insights gained through experience, but there is one thing which has consumed me for the better part of the week and I need to exorcise it before it becomes a lethal infection.

A difficult thing for me to deal with is my almost obsessive critiquing of myself. In my thoughts, emotions, and most of all in my appearance and my projection of this image onto those around me.

It might be different if undergoing HRT, but I’m not. At least not yet, though I understand it is a mater if ‘when’ not ‘if’ anymore. This causes me to have a great deal of difficulty in seeing…

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