University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Good day and I hope all is doing well this weekend. I must be honest and I apologize; I have been neglecting my blog site, because I have been vigorously working on the online pre-marketing of my upcoming book “FROM THE HEART A Journey of Love” by Hope and Life Press. OK, again, I apologize, a small plug-in, do you blame me? 😉

I thought to do a quick blog about my antics at the University of Illinois (at Champaign-Urbana). Yes, now you know a little more about me; graduated from this fine and upstanding, but party hearty public university.

This and more funny stories to share. As my good friends and close relatives know about me, I am a huge practical joker, trickster and love to laugh along with dance.

I lived not in a dorm at the University; I lived in an apartment complex run by a travel agency that houses girls only, called “Europa House.” I had three roommates at room number 24 and I will call them J, L and M roommates. Exception of M, we all became sisters for life.

Anyhow, one day during Halloween, we carved pumpkins and displayed them out on our terrace from my side of the room. We also dressed in Halloween costumes, joined the UofI Halloween march and partied, danced and partied some more until the early morning so lots of innocent fun.

After a few days, the nice carved out pumpkins started to mold and melt down. Well, we had a “Devil Worship” house across from us in the back (all men). Yes, you read right. To each their own and yes, this is America… the land of opportunity and freedom of religion. So we did not judge but we did ignore; anyway, during Halloween and the days after they kept us up at night with their “Howling to the Moon” ceremony (which I honestly know nothing about) and some frantic odd music.  

I had an idea how to get rid of the moldy pumpkins sitting on our terrace. It was around 2am and we could not sleep. We wore our gloves, picked up the pumpkins and swung them towards the “Devil Worship’s” porch. Yes, rude aren’t we? We kept laughing while throwing the pumpkins. Hey, J, L, M and I had to discipline them for keeping us up for days.

The next day, morning actually, we grabbed our lawn chairs, sat on the terrace pretending to read our books with sunglasses on mind you. And watched the guys at the “devil worship” house walk out on their porch in shock and wondering where all these smashed moldy pumpkins came from. We of course, acted all innocent and kept reading our books. We also watched them as they grunted and cleaned up their porch. Not a pretty sight believe me. Afterwards we walked inside our rooms and had a huge chuckle.

If you enjoyed this antic and would like to read more, I will be very happy to share otherwise this will be my last one if unpopular.

Oh! One more thing, if any of the guys from that “devil worship” house is reading this well now you know where the moldy pumpkins came from and so sorry! Not really. 😉



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