Reading back the manuscript of my poetry book “FROM THE HEART A Journey of Love” it dawned on me, so much of the inspiration came from wonderful individuals who I met personally or online that significantly made an immense impression on me. A poem was written that either expressed their thoughts and words or experienced hardships or with a simple smile.

 I have splendid examples of all these moments.

Geno Carter is a soulful person with an amazing sense of humor. And despite his struggles and battle with cancer, thrilled to report he is in remission, Geno was always there for everyone else either online or off. His love and care as well as strong support for the organization, “The Carroll Center” displays a heroic person of high values. Geno is a hero in my opinion, therefore the fitting poem I have written and inspired by Geno is titled “The Hero.”  

Growing up, I always had a best friend next to me even in my baby crib. Well, I am being a bit humorous; however I am speaking of my brother, Joe. Joe was and still is my best-friend, protector in life and my biggest supporter. He astonishes me with his brilliant scientific mind and yet, a delightful sense of humor we both share. Appropriately enough, Joe inspired me to write the poem “Bro Joe.”

I have the good benefit of social media by chatting with creative and talented intellects. One of these clever chaps, is Mr. David Cormican. He tweets interesting articles on Hollywood, film projects, premieres and shows in production together with his weekly “Canadian Short Screen Play Competition” (CSSC). Once during our “tweet chat” Mr. Cormican inspired me to write “Welcome To Hollywood” a satire on rehashing of shows and movies.

If you don’t mind, I will type here an old cliché; last but not least, I am inspired by my best-friend Nancy Kasik. We have been hanging out, oh, since Junior College and then our crazy antics at the University of Illinois. We go back so many years and we share loads of memories of joy, sadness and laughter. Take a wild guess what the poem is titled, and yes, you guessed correctly, the poem is called “Nancy.”

This section of the blog is a special inspiration. I apologize this inspiration shall remain anonymous for my friend’s sake and for the children’s sake. Recently, in the spring, I have reconnected with an old friend from my university years through a mutual friend of ours. I come to find out, my friend has separated and in the process of a major divorce. My heart ached for my friend and felt the misfortune for the children too. The troubles of a divorce that some married couples bear is unsympathetic and brutal down to the bones above all for the children; I took this poignant matter to the heart and stirred me up to write the poem “Divorce.”

At this point, I offer a writer’s advice and exclusively for those with writer’s block. You have to be inspired to write. If you are looking for a writer’s muse then look around and see the people in your life whether family, friends, acquaintances or even strangers that passes by. All these people may astonish your inner brain and jolt insight into your negated thoughts.



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