I decided for a change to share my random thoughts. Well, it is not that random, because it is a personal feeling that has been hanging over me for a while.

I took a break from my busy work life and schedule to share this so that is how important it is to me, both personal and business. By now you are probably wondering what I am blogging about so I will share it … I am speaking of false promises. In Arabic we call it “GEK HAKI” which means flapping of the mouth but nothing comes out that makes sense. It is pure garbage.

On a personal note, well I was disappointed and also hurt that so many people offered support for my new book and guess what, no support, not even a “Like.” So why offer. If busy, I understand and if you can’t afford it, I understand so please do not offer if you don’t mean it.

On a business note, I witnessed a client, a CEO, mind you, who promised an employee a raise after a certain amount of time working at the establishment. Time came and gone. However, no raise and the employee is now sending out resumes plus fuming with anger. I call this a good source of “GEK HAKI.”

This of course is another blog …. “Poor Management”

On another personal note, I had a glorified offer and “talk” about joining work forces to become a team sort of speak and their people will contact me to get this rolling; guess what? Yes, you guessed right, no call, no emails, no Skype and if you don’t mind my bad grammar usage here … “No, nothing!” 😉 No, I have been patient with this so-called glorified offer that was back in July of 2014. Why the “Gek Haki?”

Although, despite all the false promises (“Gek Haki”) I have learned a lot from all this: first, trust in yourself and follow your own instinct which will turn out to be 100% right; second, that old saying is right, “To good to be true” and yes, it is; third, do it yourself, because others might disappoint you when you counted on their loyal support.

I wish you all a wonderful sunshine day!

Photo By Hadel S. Ma'ayeh
Photo By Hadel S. Ma’ayeh






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