Linda Ronstadt Not Silenced By Parkinson’s Despite Losing Ability To Sing

CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES ( — Despite losing her ability to sing to Parkinson’s disease, multi-Grammy award winner Linda Ronstadt isn’t being silenced by her condition.

In a telling interview with CBS2 Anchor Paul Magers, Ronstadt says she’s resigned to her diagnosis and the fact that she won’t sing again.

“I mean, what can you do? We’re all gonna die. So, you have to say, ‘Well, I had a good ride,’ ” she said.

She said if she were to try to sing today, “It wouldn’t sound like anything. I can’t get to the note. I can’t make any quality sound. I can’t arrange pitch.”

When asked if it bothers her, she said: “If you would walk every day for your whole life since you were a little child and one day somebody cut your legs off, do you think it would bother you? Yeah, it bothers me. But there’s nothing I…

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