Space Astronaut vs. Saturation Diver – Life is how we take it…

Makeup & Breakup

Space Astronauts, Saturation Diver, Interstellar, Pioneer, Movie Life is how we take it

Normal Day in our Life:

A typical day in our life, it so happens and happens very often that things are not in order or not according to our general taste, we are put to common test; we get agitated for these little irritants and our thoughts are distracted…we start becoming belligerent for everything around us. Our day’s proceeding is in disarray…

We start complaining for almost everything; right from the food that is served to us to the programme that comes on television to lack of space for parking our car to momentary breakdown of our computer to temporary disconnect from the power supply…we look at the problem in absolute not realizing the relative nature.

It is only when we see life of few specialists and put ourselves in those roles that we do gauge the relativity of the problem what…

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