Goodreads and Amazon Review December 9, 2014

As I always do, I like to share with my WordPress followers and friends the good, the bad, the funny and everything in between.

OK, I am being a show off here … I can’t help it, because I love the encouragement.

I have to admit, I am a first time author and it has the good as well as the bad of being a new author. I am learning a lot, honestly and sometimes it has some draw backs. 

This review encourages me to move on and to keep writing; from a “fan” that enjoyed my book and his words sincerely touched my heart too. Now I am inspired to write more and also inspired by the kind reviewer.

Best Wishes,


Happy to share the following found both on Goodreads and Amazon:

By Maik Herrmann on December 9, 2014

Format: Paperback

Reviewing poetry is never easy. It often seems like one either likes it or not. There never seems to be a middle ground or a reader dwelling long enough on each single poem or lyric before deciding to give only one star, since it’s so easy to flicker thru all 50 or 60 pieces a collection usually has in no time – seldomly taking the time to appreciate the bottom line, let alone the punch line of each poem individually … It’s usually next page, next page, next page, end of book! I truly understand, why Hadel S. Ma’ayeh’s wonderfully brilliant collection has “only” ratings instead of proper reviews. Plus I fear I cannot express my respect and appreciation enough within words here either. I can only say metaphorically in conclusion: one can change the mirrors as much as one wishes to, but doing so will never ever change the reflection … To me, myself and I every single poem and lyric presented here is an outstanding masterpiece in itself – with a truth sometimes not that easy to face and stand or like. But one cannot run cowardly forever – it is “A Journey of Love”, if you are willing to take the time … and Hadel S. Ma’ayeh clearly invites you “From The Heart”, and her most inner soul I might add!*

Written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh, © Copyright 2014, All rights reserved.



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