A funny tale or call it a fable

About a man and his table

He bought it made of wood

Cherry wood we understood

Shipped All the way from Kent

He paid with each cent

Oblong and stood tall

Rustic in appearance rested against the wall

Leaving room for only three chairs

No space for the other two pairs

Wife irate no space in the dining room

So she screamed and swiped him with a broom

He ran out of the house as fast as his large feet can

To his friend’s house he took comfort and recover from the ban

The friend advised to return the table back to the vendor

Ask for the money back without any tender

So he did listen to the advice of his friend

Went quickly to pack the table and returned

Gave all the cash to his wife

So he may go on with his life

She groaned under her breath

Lifted her fist and shouted until her death

The man confused and mourned

 He scratched his head and unconcerned

Went back to the vendor and reordered the cherry wood table

No, the story is long and it is not the end of this fable

He placed the cherry wood table back against the wall

Only leaving room for the three chairs standing tall

He invited his friend for dinner

The friend admired the table and said “It’s a winner”

They both sat at the table and ate their meal

And asked each other “How do you feel”

The man side fine and why

The friend said “I feel ill like am going to die”

So the friend did collapse on the floor

The man thought what he must endure

Back to the vendor he thought with a sigh

Asked the owner to explain why

So the owner did with a sneaky grin

About a woman and her bin

The bin held money she put on the cherry wood table

Money from stealing and blackmailing whenever she is able

She is found dead lying on the cherry wood table

Murdered by one of her victims with a wired cable

The murderer also left with a curse

Saying the vile words as he grabs her purse

The curse to whoever buys the cherry wood table

If wise and clever then appreciate this fable.

Written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh, © Copyright 2015, All rights reserved.


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