NEW POEM: APRIL 22, 2015


Hey, that dark brown suit does not fit well.

Try on the suit of conceit that form fits well.

The long thin nose lifted up so high.

Like the Boeing 747 in the sky.

Walk so confidently to the fancy party.

Winks and smirk say, “Hi there” to all the gals drinking hearty.

So sure of oneself that the malady of smugness overwhelms.

Upright and tall as the statuette model at the cat walk realms.

Silky white shirt unbuttoned reveals the dark hairs on the chest.

Along the thick tanned neck a gold chain believing it’s the best.

At first glance, catch the eye of a gal named Victoria and last name Secret.

Brush the spiked dark hair to the side and stroll over, the ample hands in the pocket.

Victoria says “Hi” discontentedly as the blue eyes glimpse up and down to see.

A frown sets in and disappointed to perceive a man like this does not want to be.

Tries yet again, with another gal, standing at the corner alone and is drinking ale.

The first words out of the thin long lips sound like Minnie Mouse with an annoying bell.

No matter, the lady is tall, thin, well-known and wealthy.

With a lady like this, any chap could pretend to be happy.

The self-absorbed man with a phony sneer found the “pot of gold” assumes therefore no harm.

Fancy Pants and Minnie Mouse, ideal for one another, meandered out the door wrapped in each other’s arms.

Written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh, © Copyright 2015, All rights reserved.

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