“A Thousand And One Journeys: The Arab Americans”

I wanted to share this documentary that means a great deal to me. It is by Arab Americans about Arab Americans.

It will be in select theaters in summer or autumn 2015. Please view trailer video by Vimeo and I proudly add, a cousin of mine & friends are featured in the documentary. As Arab Americans of about 3 million or so, we have made significant contributions in the United States and this documentary does well by reflecting our contributions, proud heritage and all faiths.

Link of original documentary: http://arabamericathefilm.com/

Best, Hadel


2 thoughts on ““A Thousand And One Journeys: The Arab Americans”

  1. Hadel – this is such powerful with great structure and presentation – It is a great educational material will help other understand our culture and its presence. who are your relatives in this clip???

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    • My Cousin by marriage Jamie Farr (Jameel Joseph Farah) … my friends are Dean Obeidallah and Jamal Baadani … a lot more have been interviewed, this is just a trailer video. Thanks, I agree I am glad an Arab-American has done this.


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