After the coolness from the flickering stars and intense full moon
The harsh sun shone over the barren lands of sand and stones
Segregated from the villages is an insignificant empty well
Only echoes are heard from the abandoned bare well
Above the sandstone, the frayed wooden barrel sways back and forth in the dusty wind
The Nomads in black & white garments pass by the deserted well who are blind
To the splendor and saga the water well may tell
A Nomad child tainted with sand and sweat tosses inside the shallow well, a pebble

So to listen to the gravel ground when the nugget smacks the dry rocks
Beyond the vastness of the murky horizon hides a desert fox
Desperate and thirsty, awaits for the Nomads carried on black horses to ride off
The famished fox dash towards the derelict well to rummage for food and scoff
Merely to unearth desert beetles, spiders and ants
Besides, traces of tepid water from a prickly pear cacti plant
The desert fox skirmishes away when a lone Nomad comes into sight
The lone Nomad despondent from the village plight
Of widespread droughts and waterless drawn-out nights
The lone Nomad kneels on the gritty sand and recites
A holy prayer to the heavens for an abundant rainfall
To fill up the dried shaft similar to a lush oasis as before.
Written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh, © Copyright 2015, All rights reserved.

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