If you love & believe in God in the name of your religion then why can’t you love & believe in humanity in the name of God?

Photo by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh
Photos & written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh, ©Copyright 2016, All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “PONDER ON THIS …

  1. Thank you SO much, Hadel! That’s the biggest question mark I can think of too. With Paris, Bruxelles, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig & Istanbul just yesterday this has actually been the most awkward and humble beginning of a new year in my private vicinity! I am so relieved no one I know got hurt or even killed. A lot of damage, of course, is done by the media “coverage” — I’ve never been so furious about our government & media like in those last two weeks! Thanks a lot for asking at least one of the right questions —

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    • I agree… it makes me angry and very hurt when evil takes place in this world. It’s like thousands of small knives in my heart. However, I keep the hope and love in humanity that they will prevail. Peace to you Micah.

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