A honeydew smile

Hazel eyes that beguile

A strand of brown hair out of place

A cheerful & striking round face

A charming and comical demeanor

A lofty body that could be leaner

A rebellious soul embraces a compassionate heart

A pretentious dupe in form although very smart

Craggy shirt drooping over watched out black jeans

Strumming an acoustic guitar to a band called Queen

Sporty in nature such as skis, surf and golf balls

Shops for casual outfits at swanky corner malls

Only rides in a green Benz with top down

Wearing dark shades and a sneer frown

Tapping hands on steers to Cash

Mumble a sing along bash

Journey out on a desert highway

A get away from congested LA

Destination to a town near Reno

Size twelve feet treks to a casino

Risk thousands in a poker game

Spitting out curses in shame

A deep sigh while blessing oneself with a rosary cross

Drives back to Hollywood in spite of financial loss

Tackle with lawyers, and prolonged custody battles

Media searches garbage for proof that rattles

Wealth replaces true love

Nothing left to be proud of

Hide out in crib alongside English bull dog

Gaze at Malibu Hills away from LA smog

Profound words one after another

A fortunate life like no other.


Photo & written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh, ©Copyright 2016, All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “LIKE NO OTHER

    • Thank you… I am happy to read the poem touched your heart. God Bless … I think you meant this comment under “Mother’s Love”


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