Qasir Z. Khan, Persian Miniaturist and Painter

Qasir Z. Khan

When reading several occupations such as Visual Artist, Art Director, 1Persian Miniaturist, Designer, Art Teacher and Fashion Illustrator; but one can’t help in assuming of six individuals occupying these notable vocations.

However, all the profound titles are inhabited by one man, a man of vast talents and incredible artistic depth, Qasir Z. Khan.

Qasir is a professional artist from Pakistan who resides and works in Dubai, U.A.E. and Lahore, Pakistan. A multi-talented artists who illustrates emotional savvy through his artwork by applying everyday existence with aesthetic fervor.

Qasir’s energetic creativity is influenced by fellow Persian Miniaturist and painter, Mahmoud Farshchian who in his own right, was devoted to art and painting from Isfahan province, Iran.

lonliness and fear qasir-z-khan
Loneliness and Fear

I am personally enthralled with Qasir’s unique techniques in his articulate brush strokes and in the perfection in capturing the soul in each individual artistry that is completed with passion.

I am truly honored to feature Qasir Z. Khan and for allowing me to share his innovation, ingenious enthusiasm and sample images of his beautiful artworks.

To Live

Tell us about yourself?

I’m a professional rising Artist from Pakistan working in Dubai and Lahore. Having more than 14 years of experience in the Art World. I enjoy working with different mediums on canvas and paper; especially Oil Paint, Watercolors, Inks, Gouache, Pastels and Acrylic. I also enjoy experimenting with different forms of Art, such as Portraits, Landscapes, Compositions, Sketches and Illustrations.

homage to the princess
Homage to the Princess

I’m a Multi-Talented Artist who excels in the field of technology and the expression of ideas. Including Miniature Painting, inspired by Master Mahmoud Farshchian; apart from that I also produced Fresco Paintings, Interior Art, Assist in the direction of Short Advertising and other Media businesses.

What is your vision in applying your overall artwork?

I think vision is the art of seeing which is invisible for others and when I’m working I feel like I’m touching my soul.

Desert Hawk qasir-z-khan
Desert Hawk

Qasir, you have a personalized artist statement you’ve always shared with your audience, please share this with us?


I was without direction. The meaning of life is hidden. My spirit was wandering around in the dark. I prayed to 2ALLAH to show me the path of truth and purity of essence. My quest ended when I put my soul in the Art World.

I’m freely using all the techniques and medium of expression to paint life imbued with love and peace. With each brush stroke I employ the old and digital gear. I display the different shades of feelings and fantasies. It’s just the beginning, only a long journey ahead to be accomplished in the Art World.

Return to innocence qasir-z-khan
Return to Innocence

Qasir, have you received any accolades for your lovely artwork?

-American Art Award In Human Impressionism in 2014
-First Place in Persian Miniature Art from Director General of Iran Culture Center, Lahore in 2009

In what exhibitions your artwork will be on display?

-Participate in Annual Exhibition in Dubai International Art Center
-Ramadan Exhibition at Marina Dubai Organized by DIAC
-Art Exhibition at Dubai Theater Community and Art Center (DUCTAC)
-Dubai Shopping festival Painting Exhibition
-Fine Art Exhibition by Emirates Fine Art Society at Sharjah Art Foundation
-Fine Art Exhibition at Abu Dhabi Art Hub
-Mercato Mall DSS Summer Surprises, Dubai
-Art and Fashion Events BurJuman, Dubai
-Art Fare Organized by DCC, Dubai
-Solo Exhibition Homage to the Princess at Nairang Art Gallery, Lahore
-Solo Exhibition Invincible Fashion Tycoon at Native Art Gallery, Lahore
-Group Exhibition at Ijaz Art Gallery, Lahore
-Anatomy of Images at My Art World, Lahore
-National College of Arts Open Studio Al-Hamra Residency, Lahore
-Transformation at Al-Hamra Art Gallery, Lahore
-Drawing and Painting at Al-Hamra Art Counsel, Lahore

cover art and fashion illustrations for Signé Magazine1
Cover Art and Fashion Illustrations for Signe’ Magazine (1) by Qasir Z. Khan


cover art and fashion illustrations for Signé Magazine2
Cover Art and Fashion Illustrations for Signe’ Magazine (2) by Qasir Z. Khan

To view and or purchase Qasir’s paintings please visit site of Fine Art America
See Qasir’s complete portfolio at Behance
Connect with Qasir on his social media platforms:

set design for nestle corporate events1.jpg
Set Design for Nestle Corporate (1) by Qasir Z. Khan



set design for nestle corporate events2.jpg
Set Design for Nestle Corporate Events (2) by Qasir Z. Khan
set design for nestle corporate events3
Set Design for Nestle Corporate Events (3) by Qasir Z. Khan
  1 Persian miniature is a small painting, whether a book illustration or a separate work of art intended to be kept in an album of such works.
 2 Allah is the Arabic word referring to God in Abrahamic religions.
Images provided by Qasir Z. Khan & Written & edited by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh, ©Copyright 2016, All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Qasir Z. Khan, Persian Miniaturist and Painter

  1. I enjoyed reading this interview much, and the chain of art genres practiced by this artist made me feel like I was reading about myself from a view point not mine. I am equally a practitioner in several fields of the arts but never as organized. He appears to negotiate his creativity between the many arts he practices with much ease, and to that I cannot help bowing in respect. May he flourish more and more in his beloved creative fields.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very inspiring . I want to know how you got into showcasing your work . It seems impossible to me as a amateur artist to make place in city like Dubai 😓

    Liked by 1 person

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