Qasir Z. Khan, Persian Miniaturist and Painter

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Qasir Z. Khan renowned artist … Painter and Miniaturist …

Hadel Poetry Prose Arts and Storytelling

qasir-z-khan-1458616362-mediumQasir Z. Khan

When reading several occupations such as Visual Artist, Art Director, 1Persian Miniaturist, Designer, Art Teacher and Fashion Illustrator; but one can’t help in assuming of six individuals occupying these notable vocations.

However, all the profound titles are inhabited by one man, a man of vast talents and incredible artistic depth, Qasir Z. Khan.

Qasir is a professional artist from Pakistan who resides and works in Dubai, U.A.E. and Lahore, Pakistan. A multi-talented artists who illustrates emotional savvy through his artwork by applying everyday existence with aesthetic fervor.

Qasir’s energetic creativity is influenced by fellow Persian Miniaturist and painter, Mahmoud Farshchian who in his own right, was devoted to art and painting from Isfahan province, Iran.

lonliness and fear qasir-z-khanLoneliness and Fear

I am personally enthralled with Qasir’s unique techniques in his articulate brush strokes and in the perfection in capturing the soul in each individual artistry that is completed with…

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