Listen to the Wind

Listening to the wind
Howling inside the frosted ears
Hiding from the truth
Shutting off the whispers in the air

A chilly night for a walk
No matter the weather
Stroll by the red-brick house
Look inside the dim lit room

Discover the thoughts are real
Turn away and run
Blame the moonlit sky
Shout at the stars from afar

Slide down on both knees
On the icy brittle grass
Let the salty tears fall
Until a puddle forms

Shiver while breathing heavily
Arms grabbing the body tightly
The shock stops the tears
Get up and walk again

Against the heavy wind
Leave behind muddy prints
Listen to the wind once more
Speaking what everyone already knew.

listen to the wind2

Photo and written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh ©Copyright 2017, All rights reserved.

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