Story on Canvas

Story on Canvas 2

The reflection gazed back at the relentless sea
To capture the specter of the escapee
Inside the hollowness of the spirit
The word has become silent
From all the madness set free
In lieu of each brittle branch of an old tree
Sever the blossoming leaves one by one
Stare toward the cloudless sky and mock the sun
Point the finger on the blameless
Scrawl the sentences so shameless
Paint the contempt with an oil brush
A motion to persuade and hush
Betrayed by the loved companion
Flee from the mortal assassin
The arrow that pierced the heart
The ailment produced a work of art.

My poem, Story on Canvas was originally published in WILDSOUND on May 13, 2015.

Written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh ©Copyright 2018, All rights reserved.
Photos created by Pablo by Buffer ©Copyright 2018, All rights reserved.

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