The moon shone bright while the midnight birds flew across its reflection The white and yellow daises went to sleep for the night with perfection. Mellow green butterflies hurry on home to an oak tree branch Auburn furry rabbits briskly leap near their dwelling on Harbor’s Ranch. A sandy Labrador pup and its mother cuddle … Continue reading Bedtime


(Tell Me) Are You Really Free?

Gather all your thoughts Love can’t be bought Bow on one knee Look up and tell me Are you really free?   Clear your cluttered head Try hard to think ahead Keep still and silent for awhile Although it’s not really your style Seriously tell me Are you really free?   Tangled in endless deceit … Continue reading (Tell Me) Are You Really Free?


A haze afloat on a lengthy and narrow path White rose petals flurry over red tile road Dimness ascends after an ill-fated aftermath Quietness among unassuming abode   Harshness and stillness amid fragrant mist A faint stature gradually comes into sight Mystified wide eyes ignore and resist A Pulsating pearly bright daylight   In salutation … Continue reading Hodos


Striped wings expand towards the sky Yellow & brown streak flutter on by Cluster of butter yellow smaller in size Gather in threes around floral prize Rainbows join in with wider wings Monarch in title and stature of kings Thick mist, array of sun and whistling words Choir of scenery for all vibrant songbirds Setting … Continue reading BUTTERFLIES


Grand eyes of gleam Heart full of dreams For children & loved ones Wishes for a blissful sun Mother’s love is a golden full circle Shining more than a diamond’s sparkle Speaks in thoughtful harmonic motion Boundless array of heartfelt devotion.   written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh, ©Copyright 2016, All rights reserved. (March 20, 2016 … Continue reading MOTHER’S LOVE


After the coolness from the flickering stars and intense full moon The harsh sun shone over the barren lands of sand and stones Segregated from the villages is an insignificant empty well Only echoes are heard from the abandoned bare well Above the sandstone, the frayed wooden barrel sways back and forth in the dusty … Continue reading THE PARCHED WELL