September 2, 2017: Informing and Updating Dark Matter Fans!

We’ve got your back and looking forward to a season 4 and more! 😉

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I’d like to express my appreciation to everyone who reached out over the past twenty-four hours or so to express their anger, sadness, and gratitude after hearing about the cancellation.  As I wrote on twitter: “I am both touched and astounded by your passion, your loyalty, and your white hot relentless rage.”

Today, I’d like to try to shed a little light on the circumstances surrounding Dark Matter’s premature demise and let you know what’s next.  Before I proceed, however, I’d like to apologize in advance if this entry feels slightly unfocused. Between the stress of the move, the cross-country flight, the jet lag, the time change, the news of the cancellation, the furious attempt to acknowledge the online response, the noisy air conditioner in my new place, and the gauze-like bedroom curtains that do nothing to shield us from the blazing night-time lights of the Roger Center, I’m a…

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My grandfather was a sturdy and tall man with broad shoulders. In fact he was 6’2’ with a long angular face and the brightest smile that made my whole world shine. Looking back with fond memories as I tell a small part of my life to the world; in Arabic “Grandfather” is “Jiddo” or spelled … Continue reading REMEMBERING JIDDO

“A Thousand And One Journeys: The Arab Americans”

I wanted to share this documentary that means a great deal to me. It is by Arab Americans about Arab Americans. It will be in select theaters in summer or autumn 2015. Please view trailer video by Vimeo and I proudly add, a cousin of mine & friends are featured in the documentary. As Arab … Continue reading “A Thousand And One Journeys: The Arab Americans”

JUST SHARING ;-) ………………. January 10, 2015

Good Day, I hope 2015 started out great for all. This is a show off blog .... made the list of the "25 top people on twitter to follow - December" by Mr. John Aguiar .... see link below. Happy to share! Top People On Twitter To Follow - December … via @JohnAguiar (Thank you! … Continue reading JUST SHARING 😉 ………………. January 10, 2015


Hi, I hope you all had a wonderful and frightful Halloween. Anyone went trick or treating? Costume party? Haunted house? No? Well, I have no poetry verse to share or a saying but stopping by to say hello. And to wish everyone a beautiful day even if you are in the snow, rain and cold … Continue reading NO POETRY VERSE OR SAYING FOR TODAY …. HAPPY NOVEMBER 2014


  I usually do not speak of myself personally or reveal much of myself, because I am a very private person. Then I thought this is not about me, but someone very special in my life; my grandmother Umra or Ghamra which means “Moon” in Arabic. Although we never met she is still near and … Continue reading IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY GRANDMOTHER UMRA


Exceptional leaders with enough know how and persistence is capable of transforming a poor performance employee to a productive and even exceedingly thought of member of staff. By following these basic leadership steps and rules: COACHING SESSIONS Weekly or biweekly meeting with each employee (including team meetings). Identify weaknesses and strengths along with a positive … Continue reading BUSINESS TIPS: POOR PERFORMANCE EMPLOYEE TURNAROUND