A honeydew smile Hazel eyes that beguile A strand of brown hair out of place A cheerful & striking round face A charming and comical demeanor A lofty body that could be leaner A rebellious soul embraces a compassionate heart A pretentious dupe in form although very smart Craggy shirt drooping over watched out black … Continue reading LIKE NO OTHER



Moving with the tides and waves Embraces and kisses indeed saves Create champions from the lost braves. Brushing against the sandy polished rocks Listen to the fast ticking of all the world clocks One by one the officials put up many road blocks. Heath the warnings from all who hate Heath the warnings from all … Continue reading MOTIVATE THE SOULS


In Memory …. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Hadel Poetry Prose Arts and Storytelling

Died in child birth at the age of 24 on September 9, 1939 Died in child birth at the age of 24 on September 9, 1939

I usually do not speak of myself personally or reveal much of myself, because I am a very private person. Then I thought this is not about me, but someone very special in my life; my grandmother Umra or Ghamra which means “Moon” in Arabic. Although we never met she is still near and dear to my heart.

All my life I heard my mother and close family members compare me to my Umra, in laughter, music, dance, and even how much we look alike in appearance.

The story begins in the year of 1939. My grandmother was pregnant for the 4th time and also, unaware she was carrying twins. My grandmother Umra and grandfather Gibran lived in a town called Mafraq, a small town in a country called then “Transjordan” a British controlled territory, but…

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