Marie Ann Dean, American Novelist, Melitensia Writer and Poet

As an ardent reader or viewer whether reading a good book, streaming for an exceptional movie or series or an old-fashioned viewing at a nearby movie theater, you merely observe a common theme these days mixed with sci-fi, supernatural, romance, history and maybe a religious subject wrapped-up in one plot. It does seem a number … Continue reading Marie Ann Dean, American Novelist, Melitensia Writer and Poet

James A. Toups – Author, Business Thought Leader, and Speaker

Adversities are conquered by strength and courage to weather the storm and triumph, by means of oneself, family, friends and local community; however, most of all, spiritual faith, that grows stronger with every pain and joy in life. James A. Toups is such a man who has shown such resilience and great faith in times … Continue reading James A. Toups – Author, Business Thought Leader, and Speaker

Home For Autumn

Pumpkin spice scent drifting through corridors Frost is felt within morning brisk breeze Yellow and auburn leaves twirl over red tile floor A puff of burning amber fills air without seize. Caramel green apples sprinkled with crushed peanuts Halloween attire and seasonal orange bags bought with glee Set to eat buttered sugar cookies garnished with … Continue reading Home For Autumn

Christopher Villiers, Author, Poet and Theologian

Since the recorded history of the Christian faith, poems have been written to articulate devotion and love of God, in such works from the New Testament, Gospel of Luke, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis; and also Biblical poems are noted throughout the psalms from the Hebrew Bible. In the 20th century, many modern and contemporary Christian … Continue reading Christopher Villiers, Author, Poet and Theologian

Rupert Grech, Author, Writer and Musician

On a individual note, as a child I have listened to stories by my parents about family and life growing up in Jordan or in the Middle East in general especially during wartime. Discovering another individual who is inspired by his surroundings and family stories is a rare find and to use a cliché, a … Continue reading Rupert Grech, Author, Writer and Musician

Nicky Hari, Artist & Singer

When you admire and appreciate the art world from painters to musicians and singers to ballet dancers you take in language that is universal to mankind. I am fortunate enough to meet such a young & lovely talented artist and singer, Nicky Hari. She is an inspiration for the Asian youth who too, inspire to … Continue reading Nicky Hari, Artist & Singer

Ivan Kovalčik Mileševac, Iconographer, Painter, and Restorer

Hadel Poetry Prose Arts and Storytelling

Ivan_Kovalčik_Mileševac_Avatar                                                          Ivan Kovalčik Mileševac

Icons are mandatory in all Eastern Orthodox Churches and are called the windows to heaven, since the belief under the Orthodox faith; icons are a glimpse of eternity with Christ. Icon means “image” taken from the Greek word “Eikon” and Icons usually depict Christ, Virgin Mary, Angels, Saints and significant details of their lives that the upholders celebrate during Orthodox holidays.

It takes a skilled icon painter with theological knowledge as a visual guide for the faithful to behold the unseen spiritual world interpreted through the artist’s tools, and paints in pure vibrant colors. Although most painters are gifted artists especially for Iconographers who must dig deep into their heart and soul to be able to…

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