I Promise

I promise It will be for a short while During winter solstice sunrise Bring back that inviting smile I promise To hold your bold strong hands Carry with me a whopping surprise Once again walk along warm sands I promise To warm your beating heart Seal your soul with a kiss For you a tender … Continue reading I Promise


You and I

You and I Never see eye to eye We’ll be together again Put aside all of our pain You and I Take a deep breath and sigh Foretold by our dreams Nothing is what it seems You and I Always saying goodbye Holding on to worthless things Trying to fly without our wings You and … Continue reading You and I

September 2, 2017: Informing and Updating Dark Matter Fans!

We’ve got your back and looking forward to a season 4 and more! 😉

Josephmallozzi's Weblog

I’d like to express my appreciation to everyone who reached out over the past twenty-four hours or so to express their anger, sadness, and gratitude after hearing about the cancellation.  As I wrote on twitter: “I am both touched and astounded by your passion, your loyalty, and your white hot relentless rage.”

Today, I’d like to try to shed a little light on the circumstances surrounding Dark Matter’s premature demise and let you know what’s next.  Before I proceed, however, I’d like to apologize in advance if this entry feels slightly unfocused. Between the stress of the move, the cross-country flight, the jet lag, the time change, the news of the cancellation, the furious attempt to acknowledge the online response, the noisy air conditioner in my new place, and the gauze-like bedroom curtains that do nothing to shield us from the blazing night-time lights of the Roger Center, I’m a…

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Listen to the Wind

Listening to the wind Howling inside the frosted ears Hiding from the truth Shutting off the whispers in the air A chilly night for a walk No matter the weather Stroll by the red-brick house Look inside the dim lit room Discover the thoughts are real Turn away and run Blame the moonlit sky Shout … Continue reading Listen to the Wind


Compassion is unbreakable and speaks only truth An iron wall suppressing spiteful phrases This began since a tiny heart at birth Advanced bit by bit through phases. Summon an inner courage to duel indecisions Battle close adversary head on Persevere over fury, reprisal, and bitterness Cut out uncertainty and move on. Dread, yammer, sob, and … Continue reading Self-Doubt

Timothy Capps, Criminal Defense Lawyer and Author

Life is a circular chain intertwining humanity so like-minded people may meet and share each other’s familiar stories of misfortunes, hilarity, or intrigues that makes for a good book and that is a personal sentiment.  I had a fortunate and delightful introduction with one such gentleman, Mr. Timothy Capps Esq. who had a long career … Continue reading Timothy Capps, Criminal Defense Lawyer and Author