A Splash of Deceit

Misled from a smile An uneasy remorse At life’s burdens and trials  Decisions without recourse.  A simple cagey nod and a “Hello” Shrouded by mutual faith Assurance flings from a sudden blow Chitchat utters a tall myth. A deep undisclosed voracity Restitution bestows boastfulness Aloofness displaces sanctity Reprisals through hands of tenderness. Written by Hadel … Continue reading A Splash of Deceit

(Tell Me) Are You Really Free?

Gather all your thoughts Love can’t be bought Bow on one knee Look up and tell me Are you really free?   Clear your cluttered head Try hard to think ahead Keep still and silent for awhile Although it’s not really your style Seriously tell me Are you really free?   Tangled in endless deceit … Continue reading (Tell Me) Are You Really Free?