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Hi, If you wish to be part of the “AMAfeed” ask me questions about being an author and poet, please join me on Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 9 AM (EDT) to 10 AM (EDT). However, you may ask your question at anytime before the scheduled date. See you then and thank you! Best Wishes, Hadel


Featured in Video …

Happy to be included with my publisher's video as one of the authors so please view at this link, Hope and Life Press and thank you! Happy Reading and Warm Wishes, Hadel Hope and Life Press ... "WE PROUDLY PRESENT to you the very diverse range of authors and books (present / forthcoming) of Hope … Continue reading Featured in Video …

Monique El-Faizy, Author, Writer, and Journalist

Naturally, the human race gathers or conforms into a group in order to have a sense of belonging and to cling to what humanity has in common whether it's popular culture, traditional foods, customs, fashion, arts, faith or language. To keep this in mind, writers in particular, has the hardest job sharing or reporting on … Continue reading Monique El-Faizy, Author, Writer, and Journalist

Christopher Villiers, Author, Poet and Theologian

Since the recorded history of the Christian faith, poems have been written to articulate devotion and love of God, in such works from the New Testament, Gospel of Luke, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis; and also Biblical poems are noted throughout the psalms from the Hebrew Bible. In the 20th century, many modern and contemporary Christian … Continue reading Christopher Villiers, Author, Poet and Theologian

Rupert Grech, Author, Writer and Musician

On a individual note, as a child I have listened to stories by my parents about family and life growing up in Jordan or in the Middle East in general especially during wartime. Discovering another individual who is inspired by his surroundings and family stories is a rare find and to use a cliché, a … Continue reading Rupert Grech, Author, Writer and Musician

Christy D. Birmingham, Writer, Poet & Author

  It is not surprising to admire the strokes of a famous oil painting such as Girl with a Sunshade by famous painter, Jules Bastien-Lepage that captures powerful emotions and imagery within each stroke. However, it is also rare to find a poet with unique style of words who expresses sensitiveness, thought provoking analogies and … Continue reading Christy D. Birmingham, Writer, Poet & Author

Features, Mentions, & Interviews

FROM THE HEART -A Journey of Love released on October 16, 2014 by Hope and Life Press Publications. Available on Amazon and with major Booksellers worldwide.  Features, Mentions and Interviews Featured in the January 1, 2016 Issue (#132) of the online magazine: Be a Bestseller Author Interview by VEMA (October 2015 edition, page 15 -featured … Continue reading Features, Mentions, & Interviews