James A. Toups – Author, Business Thought Leader, and Speaker

Adversities are conquered by strength and courage to weather the storm and triumph, by means of oneself, family, friends and local community; however, most of all, spiritual faith, that grows stronger with every pain and joy in life. James A. Toups is such a man who has shown such resilience and great faith in times … Continue reading James A. Toups – Author, Business Thought Leader, and Speaker

Home For Autumn

Pumpkin spice scent drifting through corridors Frost is felt within morning brisk breeze Yellow and auburn leaves twirl over red tile floor A puff of burning amber fills air without seize. Caramel green apples sprinkled with crushed peanuts Halloween attire and seasonal orange bags bought with glee Set to eat buttered sugar cookies garnished with … Continue reading Home For Autumn

Christopher Villiers, Author, Poet and Theologian

Since the recorded history of the Christian faith, poems have been written to articulate devotion and love of God, in such works from the New Testament, Gospel of Luke, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis; and also Biblical poems are noted throughout the psalms from the Hebrew Bible. In the 20th century, many modern and contemporary Christian … Continue reading Christopher Villiers, Author, Poet and Theologian

“Hope and Life Press Presents Larisa Dmitrieva Micallef, Ph.D., and Hadel Ma’ayeh”

A personal interview about my Orthodox Christian faith and how God is part of my daily life & works with Hope and Life Press. Same article is posted on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Miami Herald, The Denver Post, LA Daily News, Star Tribune and many other news sites. For Google list click here ... To … Continue reading “Hope and Life Press Presents Larisa Dmitrieva Micallef, Ph.D., and Hadel Ma’ayeh”


A haze afloat on a lengthy and narrow path White rose petals flurry over red tile road Dimness ascends after an ill-fated aftermath Quietness among unassuming abode   Harshness and stillness amid fragrant mist A faint stature gradually comes into sight Mystified wide eyes ignore and resist A Pulsating pearly bright daylight   In salutation … Continue reading Hodos


My grandfather was a sturdy and tall man with broad shoulders. In fact he was 6’2’ with a long angular face and the brightest smile that made my whole world shine. Looking back with fond memories as I tell a small part of my life to the world; in Arabic “Grandfather” is “Jiddo” or spelled … Continue reading REMEMBERING JIDDO

Love By Many Names

Love conquers all emotions Beyond boundaries and oceans Rage comes from deep anguish Hate through love able to banish Word is given above all else Compassion unlike any helps Hold close an unbroken rock Mediator clasps a key to unlock Natural nourishment from true vine Swig leisurely as sweet divine wine Sever through obscurity with … Continue reading Love By Many Names