Gift of Giving

Be the light in the vast dusky forest Be the path on a swampy long trail Be the peace for the weary unrest Be the strength for the tired frail Be the hope for all who are lost and fallen Be the joy for all those who continue to grieve Be the heart for those … Continue reading Gift of Giving


A haze afloat on a lengthy and narrow path White rose petals flurry over red tile road Dimness ascends after an ill-fated aftermath Quietness among unassuming abode   Harshness and stillness amid fragrant mist A faint stature gradually comes into sight Mystified wide eyes ignore and resist A Pulsating pearly bright daylight   In salutation … Continue reading Hodos

Love By Many Names

Love conquers all emotions Beyond boundaries and oceans Rage comes from deep anguish Hate through love able to banish Word is given above all else Compassion unlike any helps Hold close an unbroken rock Mediator clasps a key to unlock Natural nourishment from true vine Swig leisurely as sweet divine wine Sever through obscurity with … Continue reading Love By Many Names