New Path

    Written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh ©Copyright 2018, All rights reserved.  Photos created by Pablo by Buffer ©Copyright 2018, All rights reserved.



Don’t leave now Sit back down Why drive into the night Wait until the morning light After the rain and storm you know You might see a rainbow Sing a happy tune with me Forget your anxiety Tap your feet on the wooden floor Old time songs touch the core Violins and harps in the … Continue reading Destiny

Bumps On The Road

A trail of muddy rocks and withered leaves A route of uncertain lives and reprieves. A roadway of charred glass scattered in rows A veiled byway of screeching black crows. A rigid sandstone pathways to no end Craggy alleyways that cross and bend. Isolated misty highlands of soft green grass Mosaic Roman pavements lead to … Continue reading Bumps On The Road


A haze afloat on a lengthy and narrow path White rose petals flurry over red tile road Dimness ascends after an ill-fated aftermath Quietness among unassuming abode   Harshness and stillness amid fragrant mist A faint stature gradually comes into sight Mystified wide eyes ignore and resist A Pulsating pearly bright daylight   In salutation … Continue reading Hodos


A honeydew smile Hazel eyes that beguile A strand of brown hair out of place A cheerful & striking round face A charming and comical demeanor A lofty body that could be leaner A rebellious soul embraces a compassionate heart A pretentious dupe in form although very smart Craggy shirt drooping over watched out black … Continue reading LIKE NO OTHER


Moving with the tides and waves Embraces and kisses indeed saves Create champions from the lost braves. Brushing against the sandy polished rocks Listen to the fast ticking of all the world clocks One by one the officials put up many road blocks. Heath the warnings from all who hate Heath the warnings from all … Continue reading MOTIVATE THE SOULS