James A. Toups – Author, Business Thought Leader, and Speaker

Adversities are conquered by strength and courage to weather the storm and triumph, by means of oneself, family, friends and local community; however, most of all, spiritual faith, that grows stronger with every pain and joy in life. James A. Toups is such a man who has shown such resilience and great faith in times … Continue reading James A. Toups – Author, Business Thought Leader, and Speaker


Grand eyes of gleam Heart full of dreams For children & loved ones Wishes for a blissful sun Mother’s love is a golden full circle Shining more than a diamond’s sparkle Speaks in thoughtful harmonic motion Boundless array of heartfelt devotion.   written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh, ©Copyright 2016, All rights reserved. (March 20, 2016 … Continue reading MOTHER’S LOVE


My grandfather was a sturdy and tall man with broad shoulders. In fact he was 6’2’ with a long angular face and the brightest smile that made my whole world shine. Looking back with fond memories as I tell a small part of my life to the world; in Arabic “Grandfather” is “Jiddo” or spelled … Continue reading REMEMBERING JIDDO

Love By Many Names

Love conquers all emotions Beyond boundaries and oceans Rage comes from deep anguish Hate through love able to banish Word is given above all else Compassion unlike any helps Hold close an unbroken rock Mediator clasps a key to unlock Natural nourishment from true vine Swig leisurely as sweet divine wine Sever through obscurity with … Continue reading Love By Many Names


Ah, appreciation, what a word, ever thought of the meaning of the word? I have and this is what I believe it means, well to me: appreciating the qualities in life. Yes, simple as that, since this is true in my perspective of the world. For instance, jump for joy, because it’s Saturday morning and … Continue reading WHAT DO YOU APPRECIATE?