Gift of Giving

Be the light in the vast dusky forest Be the path on a swampy long trail Be the peace for the weary unrest Be the strength for the tired frail Be the hope for all who are lost and fallen Be the joy for all those who continue to grieve Be the heart for those … Continue reading Gift of Giving



Through lush green valleys and red brick roads Look onwards toward strawberry horizon sky One step at a time to unburden excess loads Spread long arms apart and wide so to easily fly. Clear salty tears fill the elongated murky rivers Taunted masses huddled by a stateless campfire A swaddled baby giggles at the roars … Continue reading Outcasts


Ah, appreciation, what a word, ever thought of the meaning of the word? I have and this is what I believe it means, well to me: appreciating the qualities in life. Yes, simple as that, since this is true in my perspective of the world. For instance, jump for joy, because it’s Saturday morning and … Continue reading WHAT DO YOU APPRECIATE?