Bumps On The Road

A trail of muddy rocks and withered leaves A route of uncertain lives and reprieves. A roadway of charred glass scattered in rows A veiled byway of screeching black crows. A rigid sandstone pathways to no end Craggy alleyways that cross and bend. Isolated misty highlands of soft green grass Mosaic Roman pavements lead to … Continue reading Bumps On The Road

Home For Autumn

Pumpkin spice scent drifting through corridors Frost is felt within morning brisk breeze Yellow and auburn leaves twirl over red tile floor A puff of burning amber fills air without seize. Caramel green apples sprinkled with crushed peanuts Halloween attire and seasonal orange bags bought with glee Set to eat buttered sugar cookies garnished with … Continue reading Home For Autumn


The moon shone bright while the midnight birds flew across its reflection The white and yellow daises went to sleep for the night with perfection. Mellow green butterflies hurry on home to an oak tree branch Auburn furry rabbits briskly leap near their dwelling on Harbor’s Ranch. A sandy Labrador pup and its mother cuddle … Continue reading Bedtime

(Tell Me) Are You Really Free?

Gather all your thoughts Love can’t be bought Bow on one knee Look up and tell me Are you really free?   Clear your cluttered head Try hard to think ahead Keep still and silent for awhile Although it’s not really your style Seriously tell me Are you really free?   Tangled in endless deceit … Continue reading (Tell Me) Are You Really Free?