Do you remember way back when, oh, let’s say, your grand-father’s time or even your father’s time when turning on the radio means “clicking” through the stations trying to find the right sound news or topic? Move over radio, a new signal is in town, SPAM free and by RSS 2.0 feed, online community has … Continue reading PODCAST

Share Link and Upload

To reiterate, Social Media is free online media that allow online users with common interests & goals to interact with each other. As a result, there are several online Social Media websites that provides social networking, video sharing, photo sharing, Music (audio) sharing, blogs, link sharing (social bookmarking), Dictionary / encyclopedia & presentation. Although there … Continue reading Share Link and Upload

Social Media Shared Freely

I think highly of the following description in regards to online media: (via Definitions from the Web) “Media that is created to be shared freely.” Media that is free is a new, but yet an old concept. When TV and Radio was first invented & used, it was broadcasted freely. Now, via the Internet we … Continue reading Social Media Shared Freely