A haze afloat on a lengthy and narrow path

White rose petals flurry over red tile road

Dimness ascends after an ill-fated aftermath

Quietness among unassuming abode


Harshness and stillness amid fragrant mist

A faint stature gradually comes into sight

Mystified wide eyes ignore and resist

A Pulsating pearly bright daylight


In salutation trumpets resonate

In a distance echoes a lion’s snarl

Enchanted by angelic serenade

Soothing chants sung by a choir girl


Dread dwindles to sheer peacefulness

Past mistakes great or small forgiven

Soul is bursting from genuine joyfulness

Bows humbly and pleads to be christen


A long trail of perpetual pure light

Ponder on words of spoken truth

Eternal life beside a divine might

An atoned spirit’s consecrated birth.

Photos & written by Hadel S. Ma’ayeh, ©Copyright 2016, All rights reserved.

Picture 056

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